Tabitha Kihara - Wife, Mother, Mentor, and Author.

I am passionate about godly-relationships and keen on mentoring young girls and couples.  As an author I inspire my mentees to write stories and find healing through writing. 


The Bible in the Book of Titus 2: 3-5 commands women to actively mentor the younger girls. Romans 8:30 says that those He predistined, he also called. I am, therefore, called and this explains my passion in mentoring girls and helping them in finding their purposes.

Women Ministry

I am actively involved in Women Ministry at CITAM Parklands. We encourage, support, and mentor women in Church. Some of the activities we undertake include bonding, visitation, Bible Study, fellowship, and mentorship.

TV Interviews

As an author and writing coach, I get invitations to discuss several contemporary issues. I seek to empower and share my knowledge on my area of expertise.


I counsel and advise young ladies on the benefits of godly relationships. Moreover, I encourage them on the benefits of networking as it gives them greater access to opportunities.

Bridal & Baby Showers

Impacting the young ladies planning to get married of what to expect in marriage. I also impact expectant ladies on the need to seek God and pray for their unborn child.

Premarital Couseling

We walk with young couples in courtship leading to marriage. PMC helps couples in building strong and solid Biblical foundations. It also assists them in begining a dialogue.


As a mother I am believe that good parenting begins with knowing God and coming to terms to His saving grace. Godly parenting requires more than techniques and tips.


I walk with expectact women through the 40 weeks program. The program is well-designed and tailor-made for the women at different stages of their pregnancies. One of the most profound aspect of the program is that it teaches the women to pray for their unborn babies every week based on the milestones expected.

woman of valor

Reasons for Mentorship

Mentorship is core in shaping and impacting future generations. I participate in not only one-on-one ministry but also the group ministry. I have been able to find my purpose and healing through writing. As a born-again woman, I find interest in mentorship and networking because the Bible commands it in Titus 2:3-5. 

One of the books that I recommend to my mentees undergoing premarital counseling is the Book of Ruth. The selfless compassion that Ruth displayed is something that I want the young ladies in the current generation to learn. 

God knew that women would need to pass over the baton from one generation to another, and that is why He calls the older, and spiritually mature women to teach the younger women. As I mentor other women, I also benefit along the way as I am also equipped with the essentials of godly living.